Education Coordinator

Education Coordinator – Adult Center

Full Time

Columbia Mens Center



Position Responsibilities:


To develop and coordinate a well-rounded student discipleship framework with creativity, excellence and compassion.


Key Tasks:


·       Planning and facilitation of student discipleship opportunities

·       Implement and facilitate GSNC and PSNC curriculum; obtain PSNC Certification

·       Build and facilitate creative PSNC learning contracts

·       Mentor and disciple students in group and individual settings

·       Develop a consistent teaching rotation

·       Supervise education staff and interns

·       Obtain Principles of Biblical Counseling Certification

·       Attend teacher training events

·       Develop and maintain student library

·       Incorporate innovative teaching methods (illustrations; multimedia, etc.)

·       Incorporate life-skills, financial literacy and other student learning opportunities

·       Facilitate GED training, testing and pre-testing

·       Track and record student academic progress